Safe Exchange Program

NCS provides a safe and stress-free environment for parents who are in need of no-contact with each other.   We are dedicated to providing a joyful environment for children during exchanges.  NCS desires to build better relationships amongst families who are in need of parallel parenting and provide services to assist parents in avoiding conflict. Parents who benefit from Safe Exchanges are those who have experienced the following:

  • Parents have communication issues/struggles;
  • Conflict has occurred during the exchanges;
  • Law enforcement has been involved in exchanges;
  • Parents are subject to an order of protection / restraining order.

The exchanges are staggered times of drop-off and pick-up, which ensures parents do not interact with one another. NCS provides safe exchange at a low cost of $25 per parent every 3 months.  For those who can not afford the cost per month, we do have funding resources for them.  We also have dispute resolution resource services for the whole family.

If you are interested in Safe Exchange services then call us at (214)380-9195.